Twitch Follower Count. Seed with a poll, then add new/renewing subs to your db to count them. The amount you make per sub depends on viewer count so that new streamers can expect the lower end of the scale. Blog Posts. Tier 3 subs have 5 points since it’s technically 5 subs. Welcome to the Twitch Follower Count for Twitch channel.The count displayed on Twitch isn't update in real time, so we corrected that. Now, consider the numbers for a moment and let’s look at an example. and streams Science & Technology and VALORANT almost equal amount of time. You can navigate to your Channel Analytics by clicking Insights > Channel Analytics via the icon on your dashboard. And they have to guess when people unsub or don’t renew. system closed … Find out how much you can make on twitch! Now the Canadian is better known for playing PUBG under the moniker Shroud on Twitch. 10 normal subs would give you 10 sub points, but let’s say you had 2 of those 10 subs as tier 3 subs. Which only accounts for new subs, and resubs that choose to share their sub. These detailed breakdowns allow broadcasters to better understand revenue and viewership trends. michaelreeves is a Twitch Partner. According to, the streamer with the most subs on Twitch at the moment is NICKMERCS, with 54,454 subs at the time of writing. The count on this page is taken directly from Twitch API and hence is as accurate as possible for best User Experience. So you would have 10 subs but 18 sub points towards emotes. michaelreeves streams low amount of different games. Home . The Channel Analytics page provides a comprehensive look at your stream’s revenue, viewer and engagement statistics over customizable date ranges. Sub count is how many subs you have so let’s say 10. Top Twitch streamers can make a full-time living on the platform, and many have built massive fanbases. michaelreeves is becoming a known streamer on Twitch. Twitch Subscriber Calculator. michaelreeves streamed total of 251 Hours in 2020. michaelreeves streams rarely. When he returned to Twitch from Mixer 500,000 watched his coming-back-home to Twitch debut. Twitch is clearly the live-streaming platform of choice for gamers. Michael Grzesiek is a former professional gamer known for playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive who became successful as an eSports gamer. How much do twitch streamers make? Influencer Marketing Last Updated: October 19th, 2020 Reading Time: 8 minutes. His highest recorded number of concurrent viewers: 516K. Find out how much you can make streaming on twitch! Twitch Sub Count Tracker. And have no record of the ultra lurkers.

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