Based off. No clients are affiliated with Mojang, similar to most mods. Otherwise, if the download is a .zip file: unzip the file, go to the .minecraft folder (in the hidden %appdata% folder) and transfer the contents of the unzipped folder into the versions folder. The client is most notable for it's crystal combat modules and it's movement modules. Huzuni - Popular client used in 2015 that was later updated to 1.11. Can no longer be used, as the last released version was for 1.8.9. Excluding new players, it is rare to find players who do not use clients, as they're needed for automating travel, giving advantages in PvP, and generally improving quality of life, such as with Search or NoRender, which patches lag and priority bans (which other players can do to you if you aren't careful). Used mainly for the BedAura and AutoTNTCart, features that were (at the time) only available in private clients. Its only purpose was to make duping easier during the 11/11 dupe. bon55 has left the project, and the github repo along with the discord were deleted in late 2020. Use them at your own risk. The client was made by and was private until the end of its development. Konas - A paid client developed by GL_DONT_CARE, Darki, and auto in 2020. Metro - Popular client used in 2015 on the 1.8 version of Minecraft. However, using this client would leak your coords, and the resulting spreadsheet was eventually posted publicly resulting in many griefs. Future client is a Minecraft runtime injection client which currently supports 1.14.4, 1.13.2, 1.12.2 and 1.8.9. Then open the Future installer and press Install Future on the Minecraft version you were playing, once it finishes you can reopen Minecraft. Many players used vanilla until after TheCampingRusher brought an influx of players to the server, causing the number of players using a client to gradually increase over time. In early 2b2t, hacks were not as readily available to the public as they currently are. 313hax (Impact)). These are the clients that are generally most trusted by the 2b2t community. Made completely irrelevant after AutoReconnect was popularized in Wurst and Impact. Vort3x - Vortex Coalition client made by inv41idu53rn4m3. This page was last edited on 22 November 2020, at 20:40. Konas has some bypasses for 2b2t as packetfly, strafe, and more. Atom Utility Mod - Originally developed as a KAMI fork by Nucleus, its new rewrite is currently custom based and older versions are available publicly, while its newer versions are currently private. The current price of Konas is $11. Most of these are offered by the client's own personal site. Today, Raion is not highly popular and not many 2b2t regulars use it., Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0). Xulu - Client developed by Elementars, used by, Infinity+ - Client developed by Madmeg,R _33, floppa, Venroy, SankuGG, ThatADHDkid_ and Memeszz. Helix - Client developed by Izverg86 and used by certain members of the diggers. Do not, under any circumstances, open any links, let alone client download links, that were posted by someone in the 2b2t server chat, or in Discord servers. Despite implicitly allowing cheating, 2b2t patches many cheats such as extremely fast movement hacks, to reduce lag on the server, but also patches vanilla things such as Shulker box data, while making vanilla Elytra flying and vanilla fishing less effective than normal, which are controversial topics on the server. Old versions are public and open source, but later versions are private. Once you have done that, open your Minecraft launcher, and make a new profile. These clients might have been common in the past but are nearly unheard of in modern anarchy. WARNING: If your computer knowledge goes as far as clicking radio buttons and pressing, "Install", in the installation wizard, take extra precautions when performing installations, or refrain from installing anything at all. On anarchy servers like 2b2t, however, using clients has been normalized, as most players use them. The client is still locked, and the client maker had to give us instructions to manually unlock it, such as downloading more private files and things. A backdoored crack was released in late 2018 by, Adorufu/Asuna/Axiom - Discontinued series of clients based on each other, some free and some paid, developed by Sasha. You may need to. People would either code the early clients themselves or get them from friends or sketchy websites. The current price of Raion is $20. Raion - A paid client developed by Robeart and mastercooker in 2019 and was one of the first clients to have godmode. You will most likely be banned on non-anarchy Minecraft servers for use of them. Vort3x was popular for spamming "Did you know?" Future client is a Minecraft runtime injection client which currently supports 1.14.4, 1.13.2, 1.12.2 and 1.8.9. As clients can give players an unfair advantage, the usage of them is against the rules of most servers and will get users banned. Depending on the client, it may require to be named a specific name: i.e. G4DMODE Client — Made it easier to execute the Godmode glitch of Mid-2019, but it would leak your IP, passwords, and coordinates. 5zig Mod - Client used in June and July 2016 to get into 2b2t easier due to queue issues. Now simply change the Minecraft version to the one with the hacked client name next to it and you are good to go. Kinodupe — Client that only existed for 6 whole days during the 11/11 dupe. A client, often known as a cheat client or hacked client, or utility mod, is a modification to Minecraft which offer modules, also known as cheats or hacks, which are not in vanilla (the default form of) Minecraft. According to Satisfaction, it affected over 20 players. Konas is mostly used for. A client, often known as a cheat client or hacked client, or utility mod, is a modification to Minecraft which offer modules, also known as cheats or hacks, which are not in vanilla (the default form of) ... Future - A paid client advertised by Fit and several other 2b2t YouTubers. It is a private client for. Badlion+ - Client developed by bon55. Developed by cookiedragon234, Carbolemons, and Tigermouthbear. Backdoored - Briefly known as Ebic Client, was private for some time before going public paid for $20. This section will discuss most of the used clients on 2b2t and rank them based on their usage by the common player. Future costs $20 and is one of the few clients that costs money. Nearly every cheat worked except for flight. Q: Why are my chat commands not working?

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