But, in the spiritual/metaphysical community, there is a lot of talk about those labeled “Indigo children”, “Crystal Children”, and “Rainbow children.” These are three categories of people that often fall under what people refer to as the “New Children.” Only Introverts Can Decode These Hidden Images! Rainbow children are the rarest type of star child, and their abilities are not well-known, but they will come to light when the world needs it most. The Indigo children are to break down the paradigm of the traditional thinking. Meet the Rainbow Children! I have read alot of books and have spoken to a number of people about the children of Each morning, I'd wake up knowing more about the Crystal Children than I'd previously known the evening before! It's all flowing and amorphous. Indigo child and she replied No and in that sentence I told her that what she had said was the characteristics of an Indigo child. 6 Messages from Your Higher Self You Should NEVER Ignore! If you are a star child, regardless of which category you fall into, star children are known to embody the energy of grace, purity, truth and wisdom. Crystal children then build their foundation in the new world, and Rainbow children will continue to build to eventually create an entirely new way of existing. Star children are divided into three categories: Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow. Whenever I met them, I found myself falling in love with each young Crystal Child. I believe the children of today are all here for a reason. The next group is the Crystal children, with many incarnating in the 1990’s and later. They know that all life on Earth is sacred and should be respected, and they seek to rebuild the Earth by spreading compassion. These children are entirely fearless of everybody. How can I help my own child who seems to be one? Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children-the astrology and qualities of these souls. http://www.starchildren.info/rainbow.html These children are markedly different from their Indigo counterparts. Rainbow children are extremely giving, fearless, and they have no trouble expressing their emotions. Children have never lived on this planet before, and they’re going straight to the Crystal Children as their moms and dads. Existing in alignment with the Earth is the number one characteristic of a star child. Your Favorite Color Says THIS about Your Personality, According To Psychology! They are the final piece of the puzzle. The main difference is their temperament. I have noticed alot of people asking questions on what is an Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow child. They’re little I have three children who the spirit world (or perhaps by the Crystal Children themselves) while I slept. They have it vey strong in the … While the Indigos are often involved in conflict to break down the old ways, Crystal … The purpose of Rainbow children is to complete the final stages of the foundation that the Indigo and Crystal children have made. There are no hard lines involved. You have to understand that these observations aren't 'rules'. They instantly recognized Many of them were parents, grandparents, or teachers of these special youngsters. Dark Chocolate And Nut Kind Bar Recipe. We just use the terms, indigo, crystal, and rainbow to describe the characteristics of the unusually frequent number of children who display them. want to stress that, The following extract describes the difference between Indigo and Crystal Rainbow children are the highest example of our true potential. THE CRYSTALS. The Indigo children are to break down the paradigm of the traditional thinking. (Healthier!) A strong sense of determination and a bit of a temper are both qualities of an Indigo child. The older children (approximately age 7 through 25), called "indigo Children", I'd go to sleep thinking about these children, and wake up with volumes of information given to me by Don't fall for the idea of … Just last week I had my daughters new teacher call me to discuss her behaviour in the classroom in which she had explained my daughters characteristics. Crystal, rainbow and indigo children are spiritual beings from the higher planes and dimensions of existence, and they're here to help usher in an even high vibrational frequency. Then the Crystal children will build their foundation on the broken paradigm. Who are these Indigo and Crystal Children? The Rainbow Many of them have delayed speech patterns and don’t begin speaking until the age of three or four. You can evolve through all of these 3 archetypes depending on your environment, understanding … Can You? loving as any angel with whom I'd interacted. They are able to recover quickly from negative energy. This Quiz Reveals Your Extrovert Personality Type! have their own unique traits and personalities. Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow have a lot in common, but they are also different personalities that stand on their own. The indigo souls are under the influence of Uranus. I found them unguarded and unpretentious. Their hearts were as open and The mind of a Crystal child is much deeper than others can see. They are more blissful and even-tempered than Indigo’s, and they set an example for others. The terms "Indigo," "Crystal" and “Rainbow” were given to these three generations, because they most accurately describe their aura colors and energy patterns. In this informative and entertaining live lecture captured on a two-CD program, Doreen Virtue discusses natural and spiritual methods to help the Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow … Indigo Children The Indigo are known as the creators of the path for the new world. What Is Yours? They may be labeled as bratty or stuck up, but they are here to re-create the fundamental ideas of government, education and the legal system where integrity is lacking. You have permission to republish this article under a Creative Commons license with attribution to the author and DavidWolfe.com. Crystal children operate at a much higher frequency that doesn’t require verbal communication. Many of them hold innate spiritual gifts that are often misunderstood, causing some to be diagnosed with severe autism. http://www.starchildren.info/indigo.html, crystal childindigo childpersonalitypositive energyrainbow childstar childstar children. today. Some Indigo children are diagnosed with ADHD due to their sensitive nature and ability to exist at a higher, more fast-paced level. I began lecturing about the Crystal Children and found my audiences very receptive. Indigo Children have a lot of indigo blue in their auras. Both generations are highly sensitive and psychic, and have important life purposes. Crystal children are seen as the contrast to Indigo children. The three children, Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow each have a specific task. Everyone Fits Into THESE 4 Personality Types! Have telepathy. They are here to quash government, educational, and legal systems that lack integrity. Indigos have a Crystal children follow the cleared path into a safer, more secure world. Finally, the Rainbow children are here to build on to what the Indigo and Crystal children … avatars who are all about service. Cure Canker Sores FAST With These 8 Natural Remedies! They embody true divinity, and their goal is to serve others. They are often born with the spirit of a warrior and feel drawn to ending old systems that no longer serve people. warrior spirit, because their collective purpose is to mash down old systems that no longer serve us. The New Kids are … This article, written by our staff, is free and open source. They refuse to be manipulated and they are able to see through lies and facades.

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