Hogfather, broadcast in December 2006.The Colour Of Magic (+The Light Fantastic), broadcast 23rd March 2008. First published in 1983, The Colour of Magic has been translated into thirty languages, and has sold over two million copies in Corgi editions alone. The Discworld is the fictional setting of Terry Pratchett’s most iconic series. Book 1 of 41 in the Discworld Series. When Rincewind falls from the edge of the Discworld, he is saved by the Octavo magic book and thrown back in the Discworld. Discworld Series 41 primary works • 75 total works See also: - Discworld Companion Books - Discworld Maps - The Science of Discworld Sub-series: Discworld - DEATH Series Discworld - Ankh-Morpork City Watch series Discworld - Witches Series Discworld - Rincewind series Discworld - Tiffany Aching series Discworld … 85 Comments. The first ever novel in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series introduces us to the landscape and characters of this literary universe in a fantastic romp around the Discworld! The first book in the Discworld series is The Colour of Magic, which was released in 1983. Terry Pratchett (Author) 4.5 out of 5 stars 2,698 ratings. This two-in-one volume was first published in 1999. Which Discworld novel to read first. By Morloth88 Watch. All the Discworld novels take place on a flat, circular world which sits on the back of four elephants, which stand on the back of a giant star turtle. Although this world may look and sound completely different to our own, the Discworld novels explore a multitude of very human issues. search results for this author. Pratchett has worked for several years as a press officer and a journalist, writing during his spare time. The Light Fantastic, published in 1986, follows closely behind, and of all the Discworld novels it is the only true sequel to an earlier work. Also, Going Postal and Making Money do have chapters, including both a prologue and an epilogue along with brief teasers of what was to come in each chapter in the style of A. Collin Smythe published Pratchett’s first novel, a satirical fantasy that, was titled Carpet People, in the year 1971. The Colour of Magic: The First Discworld Novel: 1 Paperback – 18 Jan. 1985 by Terry Pratchett (Author) › Visit Amazon's Terry Pratchett Page. 207 Favourites. However, the first Discworld novel, The Colour of Magic, was divided into "books", as is Pyramids. The second novel of the series, The Light Fantastic starts from where the first part had ended. ... It’s a mistake for a lot of people to start with the first published books as they are pretty steep in the satirical fantasy and there isn’t much need to read the Discworld series in order. The novel series was also developed into a computer game in the year 1986.

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