You made it SO SIMPLE! Under the General Text Settings, add your text to the Content text box. Make sure you update the bolded sections of the code above as well in the custom CSS in your theme options in Divi. This piece of CSS code is by far the easiest way to make 2-3 elements appear side-by-side on mobile and tablet devices. Is there a way to stop the blog module from collapsing until it gets to a set screen width, the 980px breakpoint is too soon for my needs. So 6 columns / 100 = 16.66%. Required fields are marked *. Hi Josh Thanks Dan. This isnt working for me… how can i get some additional help quickly? we have use it on many projects. Additionally, we have another Divi tutorial blog on how to fix mobile heading fonts. 980 pixels is the dimension that typically is the breakpoint for tablets. And that’s it! You can also use the “customize” section of your theme to edit on the front end as well. Is there a way of keeping the gutter width settings though? You have to follow this pattern for however many columns you’re trying to have side-by-side. Thanks for sharing. Allen is a published author and accomplished digital marketer. I am building my website by myself because of cost and my mobile site looks horrible and therefore I cant make my site live yet. Ah, you could add some padding in the media queries for mobile! Create a class and add it to each blurb’s advanced settings, ie. Currently, I’m not sure how to do a 2×2 grid instead of all stacked on top of each other. Your email address will not be published. Although sometimes, optimization errors exist between desktop and mobile versions of pages on the site. Any idea how i can get this to work with the theme builder? I just used the display: flex: code as you recommended in this post and it worked! I found it very helpful. The Divi Builder gives users a complete design framework that is easy-to-use. Do you have any questions about this tutorial? loved the ease of display:flex however is it possible to make it only apply to tablets rather than mobile? What is this code doing? Just special deals, important announcements and a notification when a new tutorial or video goes live! I cover that in my CSS Course so if interested in learning more, be sure to use the promo code that’s out now CSS30 for $30 OFF! But I am really struggling to get this to work in the Extra Theme, which uses a category layout as the home page. Thank you very much Josh! Cool! Thank you for this. 1. Under Image Settings, upload and insert an image. It worked on my column with 3 images. You can use code CSS30 at checkout if interested! width: 33.33% !important; The first to do is to add some CSS to the Divi row settings. Though I find it best to use on columns that reside within a row because the class we’ll add in the tutorial will control ALL the columns within that module. That section has been disabled on desktop. Again, you can name the class anything you want, then adjust the column with for tablet and mobile according to how many columns you want. The author of two separate novels, Allen is a developing marketer with a deep understanding of the online publishing landscape. Love your videos, and the way you explain things. Like and Follow Me on Facebook to connect with me, see exclusive Facebook-only webinars, Q&A’s and to get exclusive deals and offers I only provide to my FB followers! You are the best, Josh – My Master Game Changer! Yeah you can just adjust the media query breakpoint to whatever width you want instead of 980px. Thanks. Add an image module to the first column inside your row. Hey! Important: This code only works for 3 or fewer elements. Great tutorial. I’ll bet your CSS course is awesome! You must divide the number of columns by 100. When on smaller screens, the images end up touching each other and I’d ideally like the gap between them. Your email address will not be published. I know almost everyone hates doing that. That was exciting, however, the images are on almost on top of each other. I will look into this and see if we can add it to the article. If you have more than 4, 5, or 6 icons/images or more, you can repeat use the same code as above. Oh, and you’ll also get my latest e-book on I realize the comment is nearly a year old now, but wanted to chime in: I haven’t tried to use this on an Extra category layout page, but it works fine on a normal page in Extra, and thank you for the post. Perfect! Add the css only tor tablet. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated? Go to your row settings of the row that has 4+ “stacked” columns. Get 20% OFF Divi when you join using my link! Note that you’ll get a warning using width with padding. For example: four-columns. I tried to get this to work with theme builder, but didnt work. Super handy effect for things like icons, blurbs, logos, images or other elements that you don’t want stacked on top of each other for mobile. I implemented it on a Divi site and can only get the layout to work on landscape orientation and not portrait. otherwise i tried using two-columns and editing code to (min-with: 780px) and (max-width: 980px) for the size, but it doesnt seem to work at all. @media only screen and (max-width: 980px) {.five-columns .et_pb_column {width: 20%!important;}}. Remember: You must change the “width” percentage section for every new column you add. You can use any number of column options and this effect will override the mobile settings. When you put the CSS in, make sure to clear cache and refresh browser!! The Divi Builder gives users a complete design framework that is easy-to-use. Yep you can adjust the percentages accordingly! Add the display: flex; code to the “main element” section of your custom CSS. Click on the “Custom CSS” drop-down to open it. In the “advanced” tab, open the CSS ID & Classes drop-down tab. And the same idea here can be applied to things like galleries, projects, blurbs, etc! I tried this but it didn’t work. In this tutorial, I show you how to Keep Columns on Mobile in Divi. To solve this, also add box-sizing. Once in Divi > Theme options, scroll down to the ‘Custom CSS” section. “blurb-three-columns”. Join my Divi Web Designers Facebook group to get free support and to be automatically plugged into an awesome, supportive community of fellow Divi/WordPress web designers! I needed this a long time ago! In the “CSS Class” section of your row settings, name the class with however many columns you desire. Next, go into the Divi > Theme options. Here are some example CSS class and code options you can use for any row moving forward!\. When you click the green checkmark to save your changes, you’ll see the updated mobile view instantly if you’re building on the front end. mmm yeah honestly I don’t use Extra and am not familiar with the little differences. If you have 3 or fewer columns to keep side-by-side, the display:flex; code in the custom CSS section of your row settings is the easiest way to get the desired result. Hello Josh, this is great, thanks Thanks Thom. You’d just need to adjust the media query size to a different breakpoint. Although sometimes, optimization errors exist between desktop and mobile versions of pages on the site. It’s also a great way to reduce the amount of scrolling on mobile as well! I’ll definitely be using this with my clients. However, the blurbs I wish to present 3 across on tablet were stacked together in the last column. Don’t forget to create a new “CSS Class” in your advanced row settings in Divi. In my design, the middle columns are quite small in size, compared to the other two. @media only screen and (max-width: 980px) {.four-columns .et_pb_column {width: 25%!important;}}. by Allen Longstreet | Mar 12, 2020 | Website Infrastructure & Optimization | 9 comments. Now your blurbs should stack 3 across on tablets only and not affect other columns in the row. And again, you can add this to all kinds of elements in Divi. HiWhat would I do, if I have 4 columns, but I only want the middle two columns to sit side-by-side, while Columns 1 and 4 are above and below that?

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