But it's to be taken with a grain of salt. Reach out to the throttle lever, but make sure you are lined up between the throttle levers. From now you can change the flight level by presetting a new high and click on “up” or “down” once again. RC7 User models and SceneriesLandschaften, support page for Steam HTC with solutions. An installation of an In-App scenery needs enough free storage on your device. By this way you can control the course via the “HDG” select knob (2.4) and climb rate via the “UP” or “DN” buttons. At the bottom of the new window you`ll find the recognized and usable USB-Joysticks. (9) Vertical speed indicator Displays the current rate of climb or descent in feet per minute. 20. The vertical speed in this phase can be selected by using the + / – buttons below the vertical speed indicator . Do I recommend using VR controls only? Preset the altitude via the select knob (mouseover and mousewheel) at the autopilot panel (e.g. Buying new sceneries (PC version) An In-App scenery must not be selected after purchasing. Open the “Library” / “Games” and right click on Aerofly FS 2. You control your plane by using the following natural gestures. HEADING HOLD (HDG) The heading hold mode can be activated and deactivated by tapping on the heading indicator. Do add a VOR or any position as a waypoint by clicking left on a VOR icon or anywhere on the map and then click on “+” to insert. The box around the heading will change its color to green to indicate the heading is controlled by the autopilot. After logging in a confirmation of the purchase is needed. Choose one of them. These limits are exceeded for example if you fly a looping with heading mode engaged – the autopilot will disengage as soon as the nose is 45 degrees above the horizon. At the end of each lesson you can get up to 3 stars. PITCH ALTIDUTE HOLD (PIT) The Pitch Attitude Hold (PIT) mode allows constant attitude climbs and descents. The lessons can be repeated individually. Click on the line you want to program and press a button on the joystick or a “key” on the keyboard. If you have any trouble obtaining a smooth performance you can limit the frame rate. Press the button on the joystick or keyboard for the functions you wish to program. Once you have the throttle lever, you can push forward or pull back to adjust. When ALT is enabled, the autopilot is set up to fly to the selected altitude. 2. Here you can enable or disable your USB device and double check all axes and buttons. I used to fly a pay ware medical helicopter in x-plane 10 with track IR back in the day, but always wanted to fly in VR. Flight route (Mobile version) By turning on “invert” the camera control will move upwards instead of downwards. Mar 30, 2019 @ 3:23pm VR view I am playing in VR using a rift. Flight information: By clicking on “show” you can display the virtual cockpit at the top of the screen. If you want to select the mode manually you can do this by launching the program via the steam client: Start the Steam client. 3. I: Display Flight info (virtual cockpit) To change the course manually move the mouseover the “HDG” select knob and use the mouse wheel. Open “Settings” in the main menu and choose “Control” in the submenu. At the top right corner of the next screen, click on the symbol that looks like a target. The magenta trend indicator shows what the airspeed will be in 6 seconds. The displayed route will be actual after any change. Getting beta tester (Steam). Basic settings joystick (PC version) If you want to have more insight you can agree to the beta status via your Steam Client. Latest Aerofly FS 2 … The second airport is right behind at a distance of 13 nm. Please use the “Restore Purchases” button for this step. (10) Nearests airports Shows the distance of and direction to the two nearests airports. Please note that many functions need two buttons or keys to increase or decrease, Plug in the joystick and pedals directly to two different USB plugs at your computer, If you want to use a USB hub please use an active one with your own power supply, Wait until windows has installed the USB driver for any USB devices you want to use, Start aerofly FS2 and open “Settings” / “Control” (image).

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